The museum air filtration system sounded really bad

The museum has lots of artifacts from hundreds of years ago.

It is important to make sure that all of the items can be preserved.

That means having an advanced temperature control system. In the museum in Phoenix, we have a state of the art temperature control system. We have control over all of the heating and AC and there are separate rooms under the museum where we can adjust the temperatures and the air filtration system. If there is a priceless work of art that needs repairs, we often go downstairs where we can set up the air filtration system. I was downstairs in the basement area with one of the curators and I recognized a strange sound coming from the air filtration system downstairs. I didn’t know if the sound was serious or not, so I immediately contacted the Phoenix heating and AC contractor that handles all of our commercial business needs. We immediately stopped with the work when the air filtration system problems were recognized. The commercial heating and AC contractor in Phoenix arrived about 90 minutes later. The guy was in and out of the building several times. He never said much to me or the museum director until he was completely finished with the repair. He had some advice for us, so we could keep the problem from occurring in the future. It didn’t turn out to be an issue with the air filtration system. It was the sound of a loose piece of machinery in the system. Honestly, that made me feel a lot better, because I was worried it was going to be something major.

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