The local dispensary has good prices

I was looking for the best locale to buy marijuana in San Francisco! I searched online for all of the marijuana dispensaries that were close to our hotel.

I wanted to buy marijuana supplies during the city.

I knew the prices were going to be high, so I looked for the best price on marijuana concentrates in San Francisco. I found a dispensary that had pretty wonderful prices and a first-time patient special! The first-time patient special was 30% off; Senior citizens acquire an extra 10% off. That was a total of 40% savings for myself and others and I was excited to buy some wonderful live rosin jam for $50 a gram or less. I drove to the San Francisco Marijuana Dispensary after carefully looking at the menu online. I wanted to assume what I was going to purchase before I went to the store. This way I had a system in mind and I wouldn’t over spend too much. It was payday and a wonderful day or bad day to go to the dispensary, depending on how you see things. The lady at the counter told myself and others that I could not combine the senior citizen discount with the first time patients back. I was actually disappointed, but 30% off was still a truly wonderful deal. I loaded up on live resin concentrates and a few wet batter products. I also purchased an ounce of top-shelf flower. I spent a little bit more than $300. I was hoping to keep our spending under 200, but the wonderful deals made it impossible to say no to more marijuana.

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