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The state of MI passed a law to allow medical marijuana; Several dispensaries started opening up in the major cities; A few years later, the state decided to legalize recreational and medical marijuana. A lot of things changed when both medical and recreational marijuana were legalized… Delivery services became available… That was a important positive thing for me, because I hate leaving my house; One of my ailments is agoraphobia, then i don’t like being outside and I hate being around other people. I care about to stay in my house at all times. I previously had to leave my house to perform some essential tasks such as going to the grocery store or the marijuana dispensary; When the laws were passed, the first marijuana delivery maintenance in Ann Arbor, MI opened up. I was not living in Ann Arbor at the time, however a acquaintance of mine was. I visited him for a couple of afternoons and we ordered recreational marijuana from a delivery service. It was amazing to see how easy everything worked, and every one of us ordered online just like a pizza. Every one of us picked out all of our options and chose the delivery option. Although it took 2 hours for delivery, it unquestionably wasn’t that much longer than it takes to get a pizza in the town on a official Wednesday night. I thought it was unquestionably neat to order marijuana from the delivery service. It’s been numerous years since marijuana was legalized and now there are Delivery services located all over the state and not just in Ann arbor.


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