Portland is the greenest city in the country

Before Portland was given that name by white settlers, this area was still one of the most densely populated in the Pacific Northwest.

Today Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, and the 28th largest city in the nation.

Back then it was still a population center, mostly for the Chinook people. Lewis and Clark were the first colonists to visit the area, and wrote about it in their travel journals. From a historical perspective this is fascinating, because it means that geographically the Portland area is the perfect place for a settlement. What I love most about Portland is that the city doesn’t encroach on nature, it embraces it. The city of Portland is filled with lush, huge trees, plants, and grass. It is a “Green” city in many ways. Portland is filled with green plantlife, it is environmentally conscious, and it is also friendly towards cannabis. Portland may be the greenest city in the world, for all of these reasons! I wouldn’t be surprised if Lewis and Clark discovered some of the famous local cannabis plants when they passed through. I live in Portland partially for the weed, but also because I love the vibe of the city. I don’t own a car, and Portland is a city that looks favorably upon that. They have ample free bikes to use, and an excellent public transportation system, to encourage more Portland residents to stop driving their cars and generating more pollution. If there is a greener city than Portland, I would love to hear about it!

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