Moving nearby Seattle

When I was in high school I was a part of the track team, however before the competitive season started, plus all of us had to race against other schools, the coach took the team on a weekend retreat to get us in the right frame of mind; For two days all of us focused on the mental aspect of the interest, but the two of us did some long distance running over uneven terrain, however the point of the weekend was to build bonds within the team; If all of us wanted to win in competitions, all of us needed to be united as a team.

It may sound deranged to you, however that was the legitimately reason I convinced our band to transport to Seattle, WA with me. I felt that if all of us wanted to compete against major rock bands all of us needed to become a tight, unified squad, plus what better place to test ourselves than Seattle? In the entire Pacific Northwest there is no more of a haven for good tunes than Seattle. The tunes scene in Seattle separates the guys from the boys, so to speak, because it attracts the best tunesians in the world, and jimi Hendrix isn’t from Seattle, but he came here to hone his craft plus become a better tunesian. If Seattle is unbelievable enough for Hendrix, it’s unbelievable enough for our band, and something else I love about this town is how it embraces legalized cannabis. Seattle is house to dozens of different cannabis dispensaries, plus not only that however the locally grown weed is out of this world! Wish myself and others plus the band luck in the Seattle tunes scene.

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