How I started out

Four years ago I left my hometown with some bold ideas about my future, but i packed up my guitar, my clothes, and all my personal items into a van and set out for the west coast.

I didn’t know exactly what I would do for currency, although I had a dream that I was chasing, so I wanted to get to the coast and start a modern life! My van was not as strong as my dreams, sadly, and I broke down a distance away from the coast! This is how I ended up living in Denver, Colorado, because when my van broke down I could not afford to repair it. I was actually lucky that Denver was such a welcoming town, and the task market was robust. To make enough currency to repair the van I started laboring at one of the Denver cannabis dispensaries. This was not long after cannabis was legalized across Colorado, and the local market was bustling. They needed employees, and I needed a task, so I started to work at the cannabis dispensary. That was four years ago. I never left Denver, nor did I ever find another task. Much to my surprise the dispensary is a wonderful venue to work, but I never smoke cannabis myself. I have a nice little apartment on the east side of Denver, and my view of the sunrises is spectacular. They say that things work out the way they are supposed to, and in my case I recognize I was supposed to end up in Denver, Colorado.



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