San Francisco is growing with the country

San Francisco is 1 of the most populous cities in the entire State of California.

It is a culturally diverse area with fun activities for almost everyone.

San Francisco was founded in 1745. The neighborhood abruptly became 1 of the largest concentrations of people on the California coast… California hasn’t stopped growing since it was founded more than 200 years ago. Even today, San Francisco, California is an incredibly popular endpoint for tourists plus locals. San Francisco has cool Summer days plus the hot plus cold temperatures rarely reach 90 degrees. San Francisco is loft of some of the prettiest attractions care about Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, the Golden Gate Bridge, plus Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco also has 1 of the largest concentrations of Asian Americans in California, a tour of Chinatown feels care about leaving another country. My family plus I moved to San Francisco when I was a little girl. I have lived here my whole life. A lot of things have changed in the past 30 years plus 1 of the biggest swings has been the legalization of recreational cannabis. When the state of California legalized recreational cannabis, revenue from taxes on the sales became 1 of the largest generators of money for the state. Taxes from recreational cannabis pay for road work, current parks, plus activities for our youth. Taxes from cannabis make up for more state plus local generated income than all of the tourist endpoints in the entire state. Since legalizing cannabis, other states have been quick to follow. I recognize lucky to live in such a culturally diverse area with forward thinking politicians.